Linux Tips

快速挂载硬盘 Step 1: It is needed to verify whether the new drive is visible in the system. Using fdisk command, it can be identified. 1 fdisk -l It will list all drives available in the system including mounted and unmounted drives. Here assume a new drive label is /dev/ssd Step 2: It is needed to create the file system ext4(in shortly say as formatting drive).

React Tips

介绍 React生态环境 虚拟DOM 组件 DOM更新步骤 组件示例 组件 组件概观 组件组合 React元素 React.createElement() ReactClass React与浏览器 state Mutable vs Immutable Mutable vs Immutab

Python Tips

1. 介绍 Python的特征与生态环境 特征:轻便/一致/开发者生产力高/大量的库/软件质量/软件集成/满足与享受 缺点:执行速度 当运行Python